A quiet revolution is taking the world by storm and lately, it’s been a growing presence in Cape Town.

Too much fanfare from the 10pm noise police, silent discos are the answer to the age-old grievance of noise pollution stemming from parties involving music and dancing. Partygoers are given a pair of wireless headphones upon entry, and music is transmitted through these rather than played over a speaker system. Roughly ten years have passed since silent discos have started making themselves heard around the world, with a rise in popularity recently.


I have never attended a silent disco, but I do intend to in future. Granted, it will be unusual at first and perhaps even creepy, but judging by the videos I found of some past silent discos that haven taken place in Cape Town, it does look like fun.

Insider info from friends has led me to believe that the best one to attend, and the most established presence of this nature of party in the city, is that of a silent disco which takes place at Octopus Garden in St. James (as pictured in the images above). This Saturday a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed silent disco is taking place there (details here) and if all goes well will be my first.

And, they do silent movie nights too. Rad.


Keep checking back in here for more silent events.

Photography Octopus Garden

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