Having lived in Cape Town for two years, medical doctor and second lieutenant in the South African Military Health Services (yes, she’s really that cool), Miss South Africa runner up, Adè van Heerden, will be representing SA at Miss World 2017. She spoke to us about her upcoming trip to Miss World and what she hopes to share from Cape Town amongst 120 delegates from around the globe.

All the way from the Southern Suburbs, van Heerden is ready to hit China for the contest, and make waves in the international pageant scene.

1 How have you enjoyed living in Cape Town?

I have been living in Cape Town for two years now and I absolutely love the city. However, one of my fondest memories would be going down to the beach in Herolds Bay with my two sisters and racing to see who can run into the waves first. After swimming we would always grab an ice cream, my favourite used to be a caramel dip cone.

2 Where is your favourite hangout?

I love Mexican food and El Burro restaurant in Cape Town is my favourite place to spend a lovely evening with friends sharing some food.

3 What is the most Capetonian thing you do?

Oh wow, I’ve totally immersed myself in the Capetonian way of life. Everything from climbing Table Mountain and Lion’s Head, to walking the promenade and enjoying a lovely dinner at a trendy restaurant in Bree Street.

4 What do you think Cape Town has to offer that no one else in the world can?

It has such natural beauty, its landscape is breath-taking. There’s everything from the mountains, to the winelands and even some wildlife within a short drive. When you combine the scenery with our perfectly balanced climate, Cape Town easily becomes the most incredible place to live and one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Adè van Heerden
Adè is a medical doctor and a second lieutenant in the South African Military Health Services.

5 What do you think the rest of the world can take away from Cape Town culture?

Cape Town is a melting pot of cultures, languages, nationalities and religion. We have learnt to embrace diversity and find strength by rising up and celebrating how different we are.

6 What do you hope to represent about Cape Town at Miss World?

Most definitely the ability to celebrate cultural differences. I will be meeting 120 delegates from countries all around the world and I cannot wait to learn from their cultures.

7 As a medical doctor and Miss SA, how do you feel about representing the beauty and intelligence of South African women?

What an incredible honour, but at the same time an immense responsibility. As women we are multifaceted and society tends to try and put us in either a ‘beautiful’ or ‘smart’ box. This is an opportunity to lead and inspire young women so that they too can know that you can be whatever your heart desires, that there should be no boundaries on your being as a woman.


Miss World 2017 will be the 67th edition of the Miss World pageant, held on 18 November 2017 at the Sanya City Arena in SanyaChinaStephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico will crown her successor at the end of the event.

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