Comedian Westley Cockrell wasn’t always a funny man. With a certificate in web and graphic design, the 29-year-old first moved to Cape Town from George at the tender age of 18. While working as a sound engineer, he was inspired by his family and friends to pursue a career in entertainment due to his humorous trash talk and crazy body language. Three years later, he’s performed alongside stalwarts of the comedic scene (including Nik Rabinowitz, Stuart Taylor and Rob van Vuuren) and has now paired up with Stuart Cairns for two hilarious adventures in The Book Detectives and the Plothole.

Here’s what he had to say about his city of choice – Cape Town, of course!

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1 How does Cape Town influence your work?

I absolutely love Cape Town! Coming from a small town, it’s nice to be in such a creatively free environment with amazing coffee. As a comedian that’s known for my angry take on life, Cape Town is the perfect place for gaining material. Every day I see something that makes me just want to rant about life – from hipsters and hikers to selfie sticks and cauliflower pizza.

2 What do you love most about this city?

As a person that stays in the CBD, I love the fact that Cape Town is just one big town. On weekend, everything is peaceful in the City Bowl and you’re always spoilt for choice when it comes to activities – from beaches to wine tasting and even underground rock shows. Out of everything, I love the variety of food spots in town; anything you can think of is around a corner somewhere.

3 If your friend was visiting Cape Town for the first time, where would you take them?

Firstly, Eastern Food Bazaar. It’s the best food spot in Cape Town – in my eyes at least! Then, depending on the day, a Red City Bus Tour around the Cape Peninsula, which is always a must-do activity as you get everything in one beautiful trip. Then we’d finish the day off with some brewskies at The Shack.

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4 Describe the city in three words.

Creative, smug, windy.

5 If you were to create a souvenir that represents Cape Town, what would it be or look like?

A craft beer bottle opener with the words ‘I heart CT’ in a biodegradable box and priced at R400 each.

6 What’s your favourite Cape catchphrase?

Gekoppel, which means you are hooked up. For example, if you skip the queue at a club and people ask how, you’d answer, ‘I’m gekoppel‘.

7 Three Capetonians we should be following online?

@irCadillac on Twitter for a good laugh, @hellpants because I just love angry old men hating on the world, and @Nick_Frost because he is just a random that I like.

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