As much as we are in denial about this year coming to an end, you know it’s real when the office party invitation pops into your mailbox. Year end functions are a great source of entertainment, the trick is to NOT be the joke. And while it’s fun to indulge in free booze, remember you have to face all those colleagues again next week. We’ve compiled a list to help you check yourself… before you wreck yourself

1. If you don’t say it in the office, don’t say it at the work party
Dutch courage is real. This is a simple enough rule to follow. Before you blurt out anything inappropriate, ask yourself if you would say this in the workspace, if not zip it.

2. The boss is not your bestie. Hierachy remains in tact
Lest we forget there is a chain of command and even in a social space that will not change. Of course you should make conversation with the big boss, but he is not your buddy, don’t blur the lines of hierarchy.

3. Don’t overindulge in the free booze
Yes it’s free but so is water, stay hydrated in-between the booze to keep a level head. Too many work parties have ended in disaster, and a loss of reputation, because of free-flowing drinks. Shooters are fun too, but not from anyone’s belly-button – and definitely not around colleagues.

4. Don’t confess to any work feelings (whatsoever)
He or she maybe good looking, but that could cause a lot of discomfort come next week. You will regret confessing, this is great advice, heed it.

5. Don’t talk about raises or bonuses
This is not the time nor the place to air your feelings about the bonus you didn’t get, or how much you think your raise should be. It is a no-go-zone at the party. I repeat, no-go-zone!

6. Don’t invite people to your work party
It is not your 21st birthday party, you cannot willy-nilly invite randoms to your work function. It is not cool, keep your socialising habits to yourself. No one from work is dying to meet your friends, no matter how cool they are.

7. Don’t show up drunk
This is important. If you are drunk before you get there you’ve already set yourself up for disaster. You will be ‘that guy’ who couldn’t wait to get started. Don’t be ‘that guy’. No one likes ‘that guy’.

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