Lockdown has been tough for the singletons of Cape Town. Spending a year being periodically cooped up in the house has hurt the love lives of many in the city and with Valentine’s Day approaching, many are feeling the pressure to find that special someone – even if it’s just for the day.

Cape Town Overheard is an Instagram account that is run on submissions from Capetonians saying very Capetonian things. Actor Jordy Burr recently created a template showcasing the taste of the millennials, and this was shared by Cape Town Overheard.

According to Burr, millennial women are on the hunt for a very specific lover – preferably one that has a body like lanky actor Timotheé Chalamet and who surfs on a daily basis. He should also drive a Volkswagen Golf and preferably live in a quirky, bright-coloured home.

Millennial men seem to be attracted to women who love wearing the eternal signifier of easy cool attitude: the Doc Marten. They also seem to like women who have either their septum or nose pierced – NEVER both – and have attended a creative school. She should also flaunt her yoga skills on Instagram and drive a Fiat 500.

If you’re a millennial reading this, would you agree that this is what the modern couple would look like?

Picture: Emma Frances Logan/Unsplash

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