Have you ever had a moment where you just stop and think to yourself, “But… why?” Why do so many things that we do, say, practice and even spend our hard earned money on, make so little sense?




Do you ever buy something and find yourself completely perplexed with its packaging? From square pizza boxes with round pizzas inside, to scissors in plastic packaging that require another pair of scissors to open them. Why? What about children’s toys in airtight plastic packaging, with little wire ties and screws bolted on plastic that require the strength of a 4x bodybuilding champion to open – but eggs come in cardboard cartons with zero protection from accidentally being crushed?


Women’s Clothing


Think back to that moment when you bought a pair of cute pants or even a jacket and the first time you wear it out, you try to put something in the pocket and bam; fake pockets. Looking for a warm jersey for winter and bam; all of them have open backs or are made out of material thinner than your last stitch of hope. It makes no sense, if you can’t wear it in winter and you can’t wear it in summer? Stupid much?




Remember the hours spent in high school learning how to write in cursive, only to learn later in life that you will never ever, ever, use this skill?

The only time cursive ever served anyone, was never.


Things That People Say


Don’t you just hate that awkward moment when your door is closed for a reason and either your mom, dad or another intrusive individual just strolls up into your room and after they have already entered say, “knock-knock!” Well no.. you didn’t.

Knocking is an action before you open the door? To enter once you have permission. And when people say, “Don’t cry over spilt milk?” Milk happens to be really expensive and an essential, so you can bet your dairy disregarding soul that I’m gonna cry if I spill it.


Parent Logic


Remember when you would be awake while your parents were sleeping and automatically become like a ninja whose presence was unnoticeable, because you knew if you woke them, a thousand years of pain would await you?

How about when you are asleep and your parents come in like a one man band, playing five instruments all at once? If you were trying to sleep in on a weekend 10 out of 10 moms will be loudly doing the dishes or vacuuming every inch of the house.


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