However much we like the modern world and the advancements that it’s brought us, it seems like we still have a great fondness for the past. It’s this nostalgia that has seen modern versions bringing old favourites like the Fiat 500 back to life. Then there’s the resurgence of vinyl records, even though streaming means that now anyone with an internet connection, and a membership to of one of the many services available, can listen to virtually anything they desire wherever and whenever they want.

This new interest in the past has also been apparent in lots of other areas of technology too – and here are some prime examples.

The return of the Walkman

When Sony first launched the Walkman in 1979, it marked a milestone in listening to music. Never before had a device been genuinely pocket-sized – not much bigger, in fact, than the compact cassette it played. With the advent of the iPod and the development of smartphones, it seemed like it was the end of the line for the Walkman – but now it’s making a comeback. A French firm called Mulann is marketing the device for a reported 108 Rand and have produced it in response to the rising levels of sales in cassette tapes.

Time for some retro gaming?

The world of gaming is another sector that seems to be harbouring very tender feelings for the past. So players from yesteryear who might have packed their old consoles away, are today dusting them off and starting to recreate the fun they had back in those simpler times. There’s also a whole new generation of players who are also able to go back to gaming the way it was in the 1980s with consoles like Sega Mega Drive, 2020 edition. Unlike the original which needed unwieldy cartridges and CDs to load the games, today’s version comes pre-loaded with all the old favourites including Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter and, of course, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Spinning back the reels

Although online casinos are an undoubtedly modern phenomenon, there is a genuine nostalgia to many of their games. Whether they stir up memories of classic James Bond movies, in which 007 seems to be equally at home at the roulette table as he does taking down an evil villain, or hark back to the Rat Pack days of Vegas, this only adds to the enjoyment for many players. When you take a closer look at many of these casino games, and the slots on offer in particular, you’ll find that, for all the high tech that makes them work, many still have this classic feel to them. And with so many online casinos to choose from, you’ll find it’s a trend that’s utilised in a great many of them.

Dumbphones ride again

It goes without saying that much of the world spends its life with a smartphone clamped to its hand. It’s become a real lifeline for so many of us as far more than just a communication device.  As already mentioned, it’s our music player as well as a photo album and, most importantly, a primary link with the online world. But there’s been an obvious backlash against 24/7 connectivity as shown by the huge popularity of the Nokia 3310 when it was launched back in 2017. Longer battery life, fewer distractions and lower monthly costs all went to make this a real retro winner.

So we can expect to see numerous other forms of old-style tech making a comeback very soon. Think pagers and faxes for a start and, just maybe, before long we could also be replacing selfies with Polaroid snaps instead!

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