Long gone are the days of sitting in the comfort of your car and watching classic movies on the screen at the drive-in movie cinema, but with coronavirus affecting the movie theatre industry, a comeback could be on the cards.

With the lockdown continuing and the lack of interest expected when it comes to going to the movies post lockdown, the industry is expecting a serious knock.

Home streaming has picked up and people are aware of the dangers of crowded events and activities during the coronavirus pandemic.

As cinemas across the country remain closed the future of film looks bleak. New films have either been pushed out or delayed until 2021 and many are expected online releases in future.

A popular opinion is that the way forward could be by bringing back the ultimate social-distancing activity – Drive-in cinemas.

By 2005, most of the drive-in cinemas in South Africa had closed their gates to make way for indoor cinemas and other activities that became more popular over the years such as home streaming and TV.

Other problems that arose from the nature of drive-ins such as audio issues, vendor profit problems and night time screening restrictions, ultimately brought the era to an end.

The first drive-ins were established as early as the 1930 in some areas around the world and many locals still reminisce about the days when drive-in were still a widely available option for a night out.

A unique sense of privacy and convenience that came with the drive-in offering will never be forgotten and this nostalgic pastime could finally be making a comeback in months to come.

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