A new tool that tracks the positivity and emojis used on Twitter in major cities around the world has released the results of the globes most positive and negative cities as well as the most used emojis.

Emoji Cities listens closely to what the world is talking about by using Twitter activity, from news topics to popular tweets and all the data gathered is updated daily.

Their latest results place the Mother City among the top 10 most negative cities in the world. Cape Town has taken 8th place with an overall score of 72%, the same score as Oahu, Boston, Las Vegas and New Orleans.

Johannesburg has earned a spot at 2nd place with a score of 71%, the same score as Philadelphia, Washington, San Antonio and Chicago.

Cape Town also ranks as the world’s 62nd most positive cities, showing we still have a long way to go before reaching the top ten. Our most used emojis are, tears of joy, loudly crying face, rolling on the floor laughing, the red heart and fire.

Our most popular hashtag was of course #capetown.

When it comes to the most positive cities in the world, South Africa is yet to make an appearance:


Pictures: Emoji Cities by Smart Destinations/Unsplash

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