When you think Robertson, you immediately think wine. While there is plenty of good wine in this beautiful valley, there is more to Robertson. Like our other great love – art.


Clairvaux recently became home to a really cool creative collaboration. The Ceramic Factory, known for it’s incredible decorative and functional pieces, have teamed up with the gallery, Lizamore & Associates, to create a sculpture garden in an effort to bring contemporary art to the Boland. Individually, the Ceramic Factory and Lizamore gallery are pretty awesome. Together, they have created something so special that everyone can appreciate, from serious art collectors to everyday visitors to the garden.



Picture this: You step out of your car after driving the scenic route to Robertson. As you walk through the wine farm you spot little white dinosaurs dotted amongst the trees. You follow them and bam! You are standing in front of a stunning geometric sculpture.

The launch of [email protected] coincides with the launch of the new Ceramic Factory concept store and works together to create an engaging art experience. Both the Sculpture Garden and concept store are dynamic, so new exhibitions will occur in the garden as the seasons change and pieces are bought. Likewise, the latest collections will be showcased in the concept store as they come out.


As you walk through the garden you see a mixture of inspirational, contemporary and humorous art created by phenomenal artists that include Strijdom van der Merwe, Hannelie Coetzee, Uwe Pfaff and Collen Maswangany. This range of sculptures mirrors the trendy, retro and quirky collections The Ceramic Factory produces. The art collectors can peruse the sculptures, scouting their next buy. The rest of us can enjoy the works in the garden and then head to the Ceramic Factory concept store and buy a piece of art that fits our budget.


Not only can you check out the latest collections from the Ceramic Factory (which now includes a matt black that is just awesome), you can peep through a window and see how the stuff is made. The sculptures in the garden are curated by Teresa Lizamore, and are enhanced by the natural beauty of the valley.

Anyone who knows the Ceramic Factory will know that they create the coolest things. From plates to vases to décor, everything is done with such care and dedication. This filters through to the sculpture garden they have created with Lizamore. Choosing to have this garden at Clairvaux in Robertson is rather special.


Rial Visagie, owner of The Ceramic Factory, decided to make his HQ at Clairvaux as he has deep familial roots here. He and his partner Daniel moved to Robertson to make it the new heart of their business. Clairvaux was founded by Rial Kloppers five generations back. The farm thrived, transformed and established itself in Robertson. After 27 years, Rial’s family returned to the farm. The Ceramic Factory and Lizamore Sculpture Garden work independently of Clairvaux but form part of the new generation’s dreams for the estate.

The next time you are in Robertson, stop by the iconic Clairvaux cellars, see some fantastic art and take some home with you!

When Monday 9 am – 5 pm,  Saturday 9 am – 3 pm
Where Clairvaux Estate, Robertson (get directions here)
Cost Free
Contact +27 71 685 982, [email protected]www.ceramicfactory.co.za, Ceramic Factory Facebook 

Photography courtesy Annzra Denita

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