In many ways 2020 has become the year of fake news, conspiracy theories and tall tales. The pandemic that has changed our way of life, has also brought with it waves of conspiracies that aim to “prove” what is “really” behind the coronavirus.

If you’re not familiar, here are a few of the most popular conspiracy theories out there:

1. Coronavirus was engineered in a Chinese lab

It is true that COVID-19 originated in a city in China but many people believe it was actually engineered in a lab, either accidentally being released and then covered up or intentionally released to infect those in China, like the Hong Kong protestors, who are revolting against the government.

Many believe the virus is man-made and was accidentally released from a lab while researchers were studying coronavirus diseases.

Experts say this is highly unlikely as there is no evidence of alterations in the virus’s gene sequence.

2. Because of 5G

A large group of conspiracy theorists are blaming the spread of COVID-19 on 5G.  Many are concerned that 5G is highly unhealthy for the human body, saying the waves it produces degrades the immune system, making people more susceptible to viruses. Some have even gone as far as to say that 5G is in fact spreading the virus itself.

Researches have reassured the public that the virus is spread through respiratory droplets and that this is impossible to spread through 5G.

Other theories are that the virus is a cover-up or distraction created to draw attention while the world’s powerful people in the shadows roll out 5G across the globe to reduce our privacy and be able to more easily access our personal data.

This has been refuted by the large number of cases in countries across the world without a single 5G mast.

3. There is no virus

While the world struggles to keep spinning amid one of the most challenging periods many generations have ever faced, some believe there is no virus at all.

While the theories on this conspiracy vary, many believe that coronavirus does not exist at all or that a cure for the virus has already been found and that government is not sharing it with the general public to control their movements or control population growth.

This is a conspiracy popular in parts of Canada.

4. Bill Gates is making money off the virus

Bill Gates has had a particularly difficult time during the pandemic as many believe the virus is a money-making scheme of his.

A large group of theorists believe Gates was involved in releasing the virus into the world in some way and has since been making money from vaccine trials and tests around the world.

Some even believe the virus was arranged so that Gates could roll out a microchip programme to embed chips in the hands of people across the world and control them and their personal data.

5. False death certificates

Many people believe that health facilities and establishments across the world are making money from the pandemic by stating that patients have died of the virus when they actually haven’t.

People believe the numbers are being manipulated across the globe and that certain facilities and people are be allowed additional funding because of it.

Some say that no matter what a patient dies from during this time, health officials and workers are marking their cause of death as coronavirus to make money.

6. The government is lying

Whether its with regards to the number of deaths, extent of the spread or the symptoms of the virus, a large group of people from different countries around the world believe the government is not telling the truth about the virus.

Many believe the government is falsely representing the symptoms of the virus or saying that way fewer or way more people are dying than actually are.

7. Deadly vaccine

Another theory gaining popularity in the later stages of the coronavirus pandemic is that the vaccine that will eventually be available to the general public will actually have terrible side effects or even kill those who take it.

Conspiracy theorists say the virus is just an excuse for the government to reduce the population via the vaccine.

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