A picture recently posted to Twitter has left the Internet torn, with some viewers seeing it as an image of a beach, and others insisting they see something else altogether.

A tweet from Twitter user Nayem caused an uproar and many an argument. Nayem posted a photograph of what first appears to be a gloomy beach in the semi-dark with water lapping the shore, where in actual fact it is a picture of part of a car.

Many social media users argued that the photo was most definitely of a beach, but if you are one of those people, you are unfortunately wrong.

Nayem confirmed that the picture is of the lower part of a car gate, or the protective cover at the bottom of a car door, which is in need of repairs.

Thousands were shocked and surprised by the picture and simply could not believe it was not a beach they were looking at.

Many have tried their best to see the picture as something other than a beach – can you see it?

Picture: Twitter/Nayem

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