Disney’s Aladdin is the latest live-action movie to come from the studio giant. The film will be released nationwide on Friday 24 May.

The recreation saw the epic adventure come to life, in ways only Disney could have imagined. The film stars Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott, who play Aladdin and Jasmine respectively. From the moment the film started a sense of  nostalgia crept in.

All the original songs are showcased in extravagant musical numbers. The sets and costumes are a major highlight of the film, with remarkable attention to detail. The designs and creativity are highly commendable. 

Along with the original characters, there are a few newbies. The comedy, adventure and action are all orchestrated carefully and tie well into each other.

Naomi Scott who plays Jasmine is a breath of fresh air as she does not fit the stereotypical princess role of damsel in distress. She challenges the status-quo and won’t be told what to do and is determined to change the way Agrabah is run.

Mena Massoud plays a convincing Aladdin. His character’s determination to succeed in winning over Jasmine teaches an important lesson of how to stay true to yourself in life. Jafar, played by Marwan Kenzari was somewhat disappointing as a villain and unfortunately over-acted the role.

Will Smith, who played Genie, was fun-loving and easy to watch. As someone who grew up on Disney films, he had massive shoes to fill after Robin Williams. I believe that Smith did do well in playing the most powerful being in the universe.

The film makes for a perfect outing for the whole family or if you are looking to revisit your childhood. The movie’s running time is 2h08m.

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Image source: Twitter @disneyaladdin

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