Ed Sheeran tickets sold out in three hours on Thursday morning, leaving many frustrated that they can’t attend the much anticipated concert in March 2019. The online ticket purchasing site crashed earlier on Thursday morning and once it was back up and running, many missed out on the chance to secure their seats for live performance.

Ed Sheeran is loved by many Capetonians and the news of his concert for 2019 spread nation wide excitement for all South Africans. With no more tickets available and the uncertainty if any more will be issued, many tried other online platforms willing to pay any price for a ticket.

Locals have turned to Gumtree, pleading for those who are wanting to sell their tickets to please contact them and with this comes an open door for sellers to bid for exorbitant prices. Many individuals may not be willing to sell their tickets, but those with ulterior motives will use this opportunity to make a comfy amount of cash.

An online site called Viagogo are selling tickets at up to R 8000 per person. The site is notorious for its ticket re-selling schemes and although it may appear legitimate, potential buyers are warned to steer clear of purchasing tickets from this site.

Computicket issued the tickets with the instructions that all tickets purchased cannot be transferred. In order to avoid illegal re-selling of fake tickets, everyone who enters the venue will have to produce their identification and credit card used to purchase the tickets.

Computicket also indicated on their site that only tickets purchased off their platform will be accepted and any third-party tickets will not be accepted.

As reported in Business Insider, tickets that were purchased in the UK for the concert Ed Sheeran held in May were denied access into the stadiums. The UK authorities are also investigating the ludacris prices that Viagogo is charging for tickets.

Locals are advised to avoid placing extra weight on their wallets for tickets that may not allow you entry into the venue.

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