Each year, there are a number of stunning astrological and lunar events that take place. In 2020, however, these events have been a true visual treat. Some of these have included a beautiful and rare strawberry moon, as well as being able to spot the International Space Station from Cape Town.

Last night [June 8], the moon, Jupiter and Saturn drew near to one another to form a triangle. Depending on which part of the world you were viewing the conjunction from, it either formed a triangle or a smiley face.

A conjunction happens when astral bodies move closer to one another or the moon. We’ve put together a few sightings from the Mother City and beyound:



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Wish I had a camera with a higher zoom quality so we could’ve seen the Saturn rings and Jupiter moons#jupiter #saturn #moon #conjunction

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The Moon, Jupiter & Saturn🌝🪐

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#moon #lake #reflection #jupiter #saturn #420am

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