SA Master Chef winner (2013), Kamini Pather (pronounced Ka-min-i, or like she puts it, Kamini, like Harmony), has her fingers in a little bit of everything these days. Wearing more than just the toque blanche (Chef’s hat), she has become a food-writer, a host of a travel food show, SAFTA winner, an ambassador for various organisations and a brand ambassador for top brands to name a few.

Last year Pather also launched her own range of pans, Kitchen Kulture. This Durban foodie is no newbie to Cape Town, as she can be spotted at most of Cape Town’s top restaurants or running down the promenade on any given day. She is the girl who can rock a designer dress, and then make yoga pants looks pretty cool. Pather’s Instagram followers enjoy seeing her quirky side on her Instagram Stories.

It is evident that she is very versatile and knows a lot more than just food. She was kind enough to answer some of our questions about style, fashion, holidays…etc.

My style icon: I derive my own personal sense of style from a number of different sources, and some those are a lot of South African designers, who are not about big, glitzy, over the top kind of looks. I look to people like Hannah Lavery, Avant Apparel or Kirsten Goss or Jane Sews, who are my favorite local designers. In a more South African context- Nomzamo.

Dream holiday destination: I honestly have so many, I think after shooting Girl Eat World and having travelled to nine international destinations around the world. The travel bug bit me very badly. I have a potential trip to Berlin (again), to run with Puma, that I’m looking forward to. But then I would also like to go to the East again. I’ll be going to Sri Lanka, in October, as one of the judges and speakers at the International Travel Blogger Awards. Sri Lanka has all the spicing of the East, the curries, the coconuts and the huge British influence in Columbo. I’m intrigued to see how your roast chicken and two veg sides work out within a Sri Lankan context. I’m also looking forward to the rich dance and eclectic fashion.

One random thing you can find in my car: I’ve always thought you can take over the world if you had a phone, money, keys, lipgloss or lip balm. The one thing I have been carrying around are these raw bars by Kauai. Being out often, I try to regulate what I am eating and these raw bars, made from coconut oil, raw Cacau and Cacau nibs are delicious and seem healthy, and is hidden in every part of my life at the moment.

My favourite make-up item: I put more time into skin care than make up, per say. I use a skin range called IS Clinical, it’s quick, but effective. My favorite product in the range is the Youth Active Cleanser, it leaves my skin looking fresh with no clogged pores.

You will never see me without my exercise regime already plotted out before the week starts. I have always been the sporty type.

A Cape Town ‘gem’ would be not a specific place, but rather the streets of Cape Town. When I first came to Cape Town in 2003 I fell in love with the streets of Cape Town, I felt the energy and people appealed to me.

My favorite Cape Town personality is Marc Lottering, he remains one of the wisest, most approachable and most sincere entertainment professionals I have ever met. I do hold him close to my heart. He’s one of those people you don’t get to see often, but when you see Marc, you really SEE Marc.

I’m absolutely addicted to Lady Bonin’s Matcha Powder. I stopped drinking coffee more than eight months ago, because it made me edgy and moody. A friend introduced me to Lady Bonin’s Matcha Powder, it has some caffeine, but there are loads of natural elements to it. It gives you a lovely elevated feeling.

Growing up, I wanted to be Whitney Houston, I thought she was the coolest, enigmatic, inspiring individual. I think I also thought I could sing. I have since discovered, I have other talents other than singing.

One thing on my bucket list is to run all the AAIF Marathons in the World. There are a number of IAAF Gold standard marathons in the world, and South Africa went from a silver to a Gold IAAIF standard. I was the ambassador for the Cape Town Marathon. I would like to run the Great Wall of China Marathon, but would leave it for very last.

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