Childhood was a simpler time but it was also a time of illogical fears and beliefs, where the jokes or thoughtless words of adults became our reality and changed our world.

Here are a few childhood beliefs that you might find relatable:

1. Trees growing in your stomach


As a child eating things with seeds in was a life and death situation. Sometimes grown ups would say “be careful, a tree is going to grow in your stomach”.

Often things like this would be said after we had scoffed down a seedy slice of watermelon and send us into a deep childlike horror as we prepared for our stomach to burst open and bare tangled branches and leaves.


2. Square eyes


There are very few South Africans who have not been told that watching TV too long will make you have square eyes.

As a child, this left us with inner conflict because we really wanted to watch something but we weren’t sure how great square eyes would be.


3. The blanket is a safe zone


No matter what evil, malevolent or suspicious fiends lurked in the darkness of our homes at night, none could pierce the impenetrable strong hold that was our blanket.

Whenever fear arose the safety of the blanket would chase it away.


4. Frozen expression 


Did you ever pull a funny face when you were younger only to be told if you pull it for too long your face would stay like that?

The next few years of your life were ridden with panicked thoughts that your face maybe kind of got stuck a little because you forgot in the moment of excitement not to pull a face.


5. The monster under your bed


Did you ever have the illogical fear of walking past your bed at night or being unable to leave your bed after getting into it at night in case a hand would spring up and grab your ankle?

The boogie man under your bed was a fear that long dominated most peoples childhoods, but in reality, the only thing under your bed was all of the things you jammed under there so your mom thought your room was cleaner.


Did you have any other illogical or weird childhood beliefs? Leave them in the comments below.


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