There’s something spine-tingling about seeing a fellow South African shine on the world stage, and local musician, Jeremy Loops has left us with that tingly feeling.

All the way from the seaside town of Kommetjie, the award-winning musician has been making waves since his debut album Trading Change in 2014.

He’s collaborated with some big names, including Ed Sheeren, but is taking on the world stage in a whole different way. Loops has managed to snag his very own billboard in the iconic Times Square in New York.

Hopping on social media, he shared the big news with his 140 000 Instagram followers and we can’t help but brim with pride!

Picture: Jeremy Loops / Instagram

Heard You Got Love billboard in Times Square, New York City! Cape Town to the world!”

Loops captioned the post. Even more incredible is the fact that he’s only the second musician to score a billboard in Times Square, as per The South African.

Speaking to Channel24, the Cape Town-born artist stated that he wants his latest album to “have a journey.”

“I still believe in the storytelling and the narratives of albums. I want there to be some feeling of depth to the album,” he explained.

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Picture: Jeremy Loops / Instagram

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