Many people suffer from the intense fear of things that sometimes may seem illogical or even ridiculous. Whether you’re one of the people out there who has a fear of something like this or not our list of funny phobias is sure to be relatable.

1. Ergophobia


The fear of work or the workplace environment. Possibly one of the most relatable phobias out there. Where the thought of going to work in the morning is like that of facing the boogey man under your bed; only now he’s your boss and even if you hid under a blanket he never goes away.


2. Syngenesophobia


The fear of relatives. We have all tried to avoid family get-togethers at one point in our lives, either because that one aunt always asks you things like, “When are you going to fix your hair?”, “What are you doing with your life?” and “When are you going to have children?.” Or because there’s so many relatives you don’t like, you would be better if your family tree was just cut down.


3. Asymmetriphobia  


The fear of things that are asymmetrical. Usually labeled as being, “A little bit OCD.” The fear of asymmetrical things can come in many forms, from desperately needing to fix someone’s hair that’s sticking up on one side to remembering that painful time 4 years ago when you walked past a tiled area where one tile didn’t line up with the rest and you still have dreams about it to this day.


4. Anatidaephobia


The fear that somewhere, somehow a duck is watching you. Possibly the least relatable phobia on our list. People who suffer from Antidaephobia are constantly worried that a duck is hiding in the shadows and knows what they are doing, silently waiting, watching and judging.


5. Nomophobia


The fear of losing mobile phone service. Do you ever find yourself without service or Wi-Fi and instantly you have no direction in life? You may have Nomophobia. When your service bars dip so does your emotional stability and you have to resort to things like, ‘talking to people’ and you can’t even Google that weird thing you just heard about.


6. Ornothophobia


The fear of pigeons. Not an illogical fear if you’ve ever visited the University of Cape Town or Company Gardens, where pigeons call the shots and humans, especially those who have food on them, need to tread carefully.


7. Koutaliaphobia


The fear of spoons. This fear is not to be belittle as many a trip to the sink has proven the true violent intentions of spoons as they attempt to drown us, when all we’re trying to do is keep them clean.

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