Walking. This simple activity opens up a brand new world, that you may not have noticed as you rushed by in your car. Exploring on foot is what Just Walks Cape Town is all about.

Remember when you were a kid, and you wanted to prove how brave you were by walking in a cemetery at night? The Ghost Walk allows you to finally do that. Based in Simon’s Town, the tour begins in the Old Burial Grounds.

There you will learn about the sinister departed, from mass murdered to baby killers and everything in between. You also get to see the area’s haunted places, as you walk through the village to the Simon’s Town Museum.


If the paranormal does not tickle your fancy, you can go for the Just Nuisance Historic Walk. The walk is named after Just Nuisance, the only dog to ever be officially enlisted in the Royal Navy. He served at the HMS Afrikander, a shore establishment in Simon’s Town.

That little tidbit is just a taste of what interesting, historical events you will learn about on the walk. You get to explore the Toy Museum, Naval Museum and Just Nuisance’s gravesite, which also hosts some incredible views. The tour includes a braai lunch, and a portion of the fee is donated to the TEARS animal shelter.


For nature lovers, you can go on a Strandveld and Fynbos hike, and learn all about the vegetation in the area. There is also the Cape Point Meander Tour, where you get a brief and comprehensive historic tour of Simon’s Town, a trip to see the penguins at boulders beach, drive to Cape Point and walk up to the lighthouse, visit the ostrich farm and finally end off the day at a local eating spot.

The tours are set up directly with tour guide and owner, André’s Walks, and you gather at a specified spot in Simon’s Town depending on the tour you select.


There is no better way to learn about the historically rich Simon’s Town, and to appreciate it’s beauty than with a walking tour. Find one that peaks your interest and go explore!

Simon’s Town
Cost R50–R500 depending on the tour
Contact +27 76 190 4081, [email protected], Just Walk Cape Town Facebook 

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