Cape Town’s favourite caracal is at it again. Hermes has been spotted once more, this time enjoying the sunset view from a comfortable perch near the Pipe Track.

A lucky local managed to snap a few stellar pictures of dashing Hermes as he took in the sunset on the mountainside.

According to the Urban Caracal Project, these recent photographs are some of the most spectacular they have received of Hermes.

Many locals have felt as though sightings of caracals in Cape Town have picked up in recent months. The Project explains this is due to more awareness and their increased sharing of sightings.

“Since 2015, when we launched the online sightings report form, we have logged more than 450 sightings! Over time, the number of sightings reports we receive has increased but it’s likely that awareness of caracals roaming Table Mountain National Park from Cape Point north to Lions Head, has grown as a result of our research,” they wrote on Facebook.

“People are also more aware of the opportunity to submit sightings. The increase in sightings has little to do with lockdown, and in fact, during the Level 4-5 lockdown, we received very few reports.”

Locals are encouraged to continue reporting sightings and sharing their experiences here:

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Pictures: Facebook

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