Hilton College’s marimba band stunned international DJ David Guetta and Black Coffee with a rendition of their hit song, ‘Drive’. A video of the bands performance went viral and was even shared on Guetta’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Kwazulu-Natal marimba band originally performed ‘Drive’ in the 2019 marimba champs’ OL1 category at the International Steelpan and Marimba Festival in July. Their performance quickly went viral.

To date, the video, shared by Hilton College Music’s Facebook page, currently has over 607 000 views and was shared by Black Coffee. The group was then invited to perform the song on the East Coast Radio Show, which drew the attention of David Guetta.

Guetta shared the performance to his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages with the caption, “WOW! I literally got goosebumps watching this video!”

The marimba band started seven years ago at Hilton College in Durban, and has risen in popularity ever since. They currently have three bands: the Junior Band, the B Band and the Competition Marimba Band. The original band toured Beijing in 2013.

The marimba band covers a variety of genres such as contemporary, traditional African, and classical music to appeal to a wider audience. The group often performs at Two Schools in Concert, a musical concert hosted by Hilton and Michaelhouse. They have competed in the annual International Marimba and SteelPan Festival many times. This year, they were the best placed band in South Africa at the festival.

Check out some other performances by this talented group:

Watch the Hilton College marimba band's 1st place performance in the OL1 category at the 2017 International Marimba Festival. Boys Of Hilton Hilton Parents

Gepostet von Hilton College Music am Dienstag, 1. August 2017

Boys Of Hilton marimba band playing at the PMB Royal Show this morning. This is Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling. Hilton College

Gepostet von Hilton College Music am Sonntag, 2. Juni 2019

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