Today is the first day of the school year in South Africa, and Rachel Kolisi seems to be over the moon to have her children return to school.

As much as parents love their children unconditionally, they rarely have time to themselves during the holidays. Helping to keep the children entertained and dealing with the constant need for food and drink is already taxing. This can become increasingly draining over an extended period of time.

So while some parents are gutted to have their precious babies mission off to school, others will be celebrating the beginning of a period that is less chaotic.

Rachel Kolisi is happy to have her brood return to school (Source: Rachel Kolisi/Facebook)
The inspiration for Rachel’s photograph (Source: Rachel Kolisi/Facebook)

Here are some other hilarious reactions:

A popular meme making the rounds (Source: Nidha Narrandes)
Relatable content! (Source: Reddit)

Picture: Rachel Kolisi

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