Do-it-yourself candles are a trend that have taken the internet by storm. Candles twisted into non-traditional shapes have been floating among the explore pages of apps such as TikTok and Instagram for weeks now, and we are here to show you how to make your own at home.

Step One: Pick the right candles

A pack of paraffin dinner or tapered candles seem to be the best sort to use, as they are less likely to break and are more flexible than others. Be sure to buy extras in case some break along the way.

Step Two: Soften your candle

Fill a heat-proof container with warm water. Do not to use boiling water as your candles will simply melt. Leave your candle in the warm water for 15 to 20 minutes to soften.

Step Three: Twist your candle

Carefully remove your candle and at this stage it should be soft enough to manipulate. You can use a rolling pin to flatten it, but remember to leave at least five centimeters at the bottom unflattened so you can pop your candle in a candle holder once finished.

Once you’ve flattened it, slowly twist the candle. You need to move quickly because the candle will start to Harden again. If it does before you’ve finished, then place it back in the water for a few minutes.

Step Four: Allow your candles to set

Simply lay it down on a flat surface to  harden.

Step Five: 

Voila! Show off your candles on social media.

Picture: Twitter

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