A video of two fun-loving baboons having their own private pool party in Betty’s Bay has recently reached viral status, with many entertained by the sight of the pair swimming and playing around the pool.

The video shows the lively baboons taking advantage of an unoccupied splash pool at a local resident’s home.

The playful pair have a blast in the water, jumping, diving and chasing one another around the deck, and we can’t help but smile as they do.

After all the hi-jinx, one baboon lounges by the pool, trailing his paw in the cool water.

The video was taken by owners at Kalliste, an exclusive and upmarket cottage with wide views of the ocean and mountains. They describe their beautiful location as appealing to nature-lovers in particular, and clearly animals are also drawn to it.

Currently, the video has over 150 800 views and counting, with over 3 000 shares and hundred of comments.


Picture: Facebook/Kalliste

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Aimee Pace

Aimee is an avid gamer, enthusiastic yogi and animal lover. Addicted to anime, coffee and plant-based meals. Current favourite pastimes include, sewing and learning Japanese.