It’s no secret that modern life is stressful. According to a 2019 report by City Press, South Africa is the second most stressed country in the world! Luckily, there are many ways to relieve stress like exercise or spending time with friends.

However, studies show that adult “play,” in other words engaging in activities for the mere pleasure of it, reduces anxiety and creates resilience. That’s why LEGO has created an entire range for adults. According to Business Insider, the project was conceptualised from the idea that an activity combining organic forms and mechanical construction could improve mental wellbeing.

Called ‘Forma’, the set consists of LEGO pieces the user builds a fish skeleton with, and which can then be covered by different customizable skins.  The set even includes a crankshaft and gear system that makes the fish move.


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This shark build is just…fin-tastic! 🦈 Thanks to @jasonallemann for the video. #RebuildTheWorld #UGC #FanMade

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LEGO also has a variety of other sets focused on adults that are more complicated to build and feature pop-culture, like Star Wars characters or the apartment from famous sitcom Friends, as well as cultural landmarks like the Taj Mahal.


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That moment when your wife comes home from work with a gift. #starwarslego #lego

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The age specifications on the box might show one thing, but we all know that’s just a suggestion. “It’s just a matter of getting the imagination going – and letting a wealth of creative ideas emerge through play,” LEGO says on its site.

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Anita Froneman