You will definitely recognise this South African star from your bright and early mornings watching The Expresso Show as she brings energy, positivity and that much needed oomph into your day. Leigh-Anne Williams comes from a radio background, having worked at Good Hope FM since 2006.

Leigh-Anne’s zest for life resonates with audiences and her enthusiasm and passion makes her a dynamic young woman and incredible South African role model. We caught up with Leigh-Anne to find out more about her career, her passions and her love for Cape Town.


Who is Leigh-Anne Williams, tell us more about what makes you you?

I’m just a normal girl who has been given awesome opportunities. I am family orientated, have faith in God and try to experience all that life has to offer, all the adventures and fun, all while staying grounded.

What has been a highlight of your career this far?

Definitely Strictly Come Dancing! It was the best and most challenging experience having to deal with injuries, public scrutiny, mean comments on social media and the stress of performing live each week knowing that a small mistake could be what sends you home. There was so much positivity from the public which made the experience unforgettable. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

What has been the most challenging aspect of the industry?

Getting in – Cape Town is a small place and the opportunities are not as prominent as they are in Joburg. You have to take your career into you own hands. I approached Good Hope FM and told them that I am passionate and willing to work my way to the top and they gave me an opportunity. You constantly need to do what you can in order to grow your career, especially in Cape Town.

What is your favourite place in Cape Town?

I love the beaches, and beach restaurants, one of my favourite places would have to be the Table Bay Hotel, looking at the yachts while eating a delicious breakfast.

What is your favourite restaurant in Cape Town?

My new favourite has got to be Nobu.

Tell us more about your fitness and health regime…

I train twice a day. one hour cardio, one hour strength training and a very high protein diet of egg whites, chicken, red meat, tuna, and lots of veg. I always like to treat myself on the weekend and indulge in an over the top, delectable breakfast on Saturday filled with omelettes, salmon and cream cheese and toast.


What is your one beauty secret?

I firmly believe in treating your skin well with a proper skincare regime each night. My skin goes through hard knocks during the day as I wear a lot of make up for TV and if we shoot on location you are exposed to sunlight, the elements and pollution. Take the time to nourish your skin with a good cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

Tell us about you winter fashion style…

I love shift dresses, stocking and sneakers – comfortable ‘sports-lux” fashion that looks good.

If you could have any other job or profession what would it be?

I would love to own a dessert bar that sells the most incredible cupcakes, desserts and the best coffee in the city.

What is one secret about the TV industry that people don’t know about but should?

It’s not glamorous at all, the end product looks totally fabulous but to get that end product takes multiple retakes, shots from different angles, working against the elements, with equipment that sometimes is faulty, it can take five hours to get a five minute clip.

What keeps you going each day?

The only reason I am here is because of the people who believed in me. If people believe in you, you can conquer anything. You are the richest person if you have a handful of people in your corner supporting you and your dreams.

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