The first meteor shower of the year is here! The dazzling Lyrid meteor shower is visible from April 16 to April 25 but it peaks this evening, April 21.

This unique event will light up the sky and will be visible to the naked eye, so residents won’t need to take out their star-gazing equipment to catch the show.

Bright meteors to rare fireball-like displays are on the cards for the shower this evening.

What is the Lyrid meteor shower?

Leftover meteor debris from the Comet Thatcher are the cause of the Lyrid meteor shower. A stream of debris are left behind in the comet’s trail and ignite in the night sky.

Small pieces of dust and rock particles plummet from space and enter the Earth’s atmosphere to be burned away before reaching the surface.

The Comet Thatcher is one of eight great comets known to man in the 19th century. Its last orbit of the earth was in 1861 and its next orbit will only take place in 2265.

Those in the northern hemisphere are in for a particularly good show this year and the peak of the meteor shower will take place between 2am and dawn. On average, 18 streaks of meteors are viewed per hour during the celestial event.

So while you’re staying home this evening, remember to look out your window and keep an eye out for a bright stellar show.

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