Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organisation, are releasing 117 new emoji designs this year. The new batch of emojis brings the total to 3 304.

According to the organisation’s website, the new emoji’s should start showing up on phones in September or October, however, some platforms may release them earlier.  Reports also claim that some users could see the new set of emojis with the release of their 2020 operating systems.

Emojipedia released a list of the new emojis.

Included in the list are emojis for bottle-feeding parents, the transgender flag, people hugging, and a pinched finger gesture which people refer to as the “Italian Hand Gesture”. In addition, there will be more variations of pre-existing emojis. Variations include a gender-inclusive person in a tuxedo and a gender-neutral person in a veil. This was in an effort to be more inclusive and by having an increasingly consistent set of gender options.

Consumers should be aware that emojis may look slightly different across social media platforms and operating systems.

Here is Emojipedia’s presentation of the emojis:

Picture: Twitter / Emojipedia

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