Locals are feeling entertained after a video shared by Divan Chimp Loots on Facebook shows what many are calling a “municipal ninja” in action.

According to Loots, who got the whole thing on camera, the incident took place on Main Road in Strand.

“Me and a mate went for a drive in my old VW bus and we came across this. The Coct truck was side-swiped by the Corsa by accident. Then they immediately started to attack the City workers,” says Loots.

The video shows what appears to be two municipal workers fighting with two men wearing all black. One worker uses a broom to beat one of the men dressed in all black and a woman screams loudly in the background as the whole incident goes down.

The video has amounted a whopping 117 864 views since it was first shared on February 7 with the caption, “Hugo bel die polisie! Enter the Municipal Ninja!”.

“It went on for very long but I had to stop the video and help. As those people in the Corsa might have attacked the woman,” Loots continues.

See the video here:

While the video has gone virtually viral, Loots says most people were interested in his car instead, with many people asking about the grass on the inside of the vehicle.

“All the comments on my video, people are more interested in my old VW bus,” says Loots.

Loots’ VW bus.
The inside of the bus.

Pictures: Divan Chimp Loots

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