A video shared on Facebook of a plane bringing South Africans home from Rome is warming the hearts of residents all over the country.

In the video, the passengers aboard broke out in song as the plane nears home. The song ‘Africa’ by Toto plays loudly over the planes speakers and staff dressed in hazmat suits and masks walk down the aisles clapping their hands to the beat.

The video was made by a passenger aboard the plane from Rome to Johannesburg on Saturday April 18. Those who were stranded in the area were finally able to come home. The flight took off from Frankfurt and stopped over in Rome before ending its journey in Johannesburg.

Passengers who returned home aboard the plane are now in quarantine.

The dedicated team that brought them home. Picture: Sherrill Petersen.

“Isn’t this something so uniquely SAfrican!?! To me, this is such a reflection of our spirit and positivity in the face of adversity. Makes me proud to be SAfrican,” said Lisa Daniels who shared the video on Facebook.

When the nationwide lockdown was announced, a number of South Africans were out of the country for business or holiday and were unable to make it home to be with their families.

Slowly but surely a number of repatriation planes, like this one, are bringing South Africans back.

Many who watched the video felt touched and inspired by the undying hope, courage and joy of their fellow South Africans.

Watch the video below:

Picture: Facebook/Screenshot from video

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