Rugby fans, get your drinking cups ready. On Saturday South Africa takes on England at Newlands Stadium, and our blood is gold and green. If you didn’t win the double tickets up for grabs on our website, this is the next best way to enjoy the game. A little game within the game is loads of fun… play along!

What you will need:

– a group of adults (friends, family, colleagues)
– a glass/beer/dop per person
– loads of alcohol
– stamina to be the last man/woman standing


The rules are simple, have your drink in hand and pay careful attention. Choose a team (you don’t really have a choice #ProudlySouthAfrican) and prepare to sip, gulp or down your drink.

Divide your group into two teams, one for the Boks and one for England. Each time your team makes a move below, down down accordingly – the last man standing gets a trophy (and a hangover).

During the match:

  1. 1 Try = 1 sip, from 5m line extra sip, from 22m line 2 extra sips, past halfway, down your drink
  2. Yellow card = 3 sips
  3. Red card = down your glass
  4. Bonus point win = down your glass
  5. Camera close up on women in the crowd = gulp (both teams)
  6. Swearing caught on referee’s mic = 2 gulps (both teams)
  7. Referee makes questionable decision = 3 gulps (both teams)
  8. Fight = gulp per punch landed
  9. 10 minutes if no points are scored drink 1 sip (both teams)
  10. If the crowd chants for Beast = 1 gulp (do your gulping after chanting)
  11. When the final whistle blows down your glass (both teams)

There you have it, we hope your game day will be one to remember or not remember depending on how well you play. Don’t forget to send us your before and after pictures.

Picture: Drew Farwell/Unsplash

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