The Fifa World Cup has kicked off with some strange and controversial incidents, but this has to be the weirdest of them all. Many viewers are left asking themselves, ‘Is this even real?’ – after watching the below clip of a Russian Bear playing the vuvuzela while in the backseat of the car.

The incident has caused confusion and anger – many viewers were disgruntled when the bear proceeded to make an antisemitic and racist gesture known as the ‘quenelle salute’. The French community is outraged at the gesture as represents an inverted Nazi salute.

The vuvuzela was the staple instrument of the South African world Cup and according to Business Insider the clip was submitted to and was confirmed by a chief correspondent, Peter Stauton to be an actual bear in the vehicle.


Animal Rights organisations strongly condemn the clip and have questioned the level of abuse needed to make the animal carry out these human-like actions. It is evident from the individuals that calmly sit in the car that the wild animal has been trained in this manner.

Bear taming is not uncommon in Russia, in 2013 a family shared their home with a 137kg bear and had trained him to behave with human characteristics as reported in The Daily Mail.


Picture: Pexels

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