It seems Capetonians are not the only ones frustrated about not being allowed on the beach during lockdown. A sly resident in Cabourg, France even played a prank on local police to air their frustrations.

After reports of someone ignoring state of alarm regulations in the area and fishing on a beach in Cabourg, local police took to the beach to enforce the law.

The “fisherman” in the distance as police approach.

Police approached the “resident” after they were called by concerned locals. From a distance, he appeared to have been fishing for some time and was standing just outside of the water’s reach, with a container at hand for his catch.

Police on the beach near the “fisherman”.

Once they were in close proximity, however, law enforcement realised they had been had.

The “fisherman” was in actual fact an elaborate prank and not a fisherman at all.

The fisherman scarecrow up close.
Someone had created a kind of scarecrow out of various materials including a hat, combat jacket, tape, pants and cloth. He even had his own fishing rod and chair to add to the illusion.

The clever stunt fooled both police and other residents and little is known about who placed the scarecrow there in the first place. One thing is for sure, it was a very convincing prank indeed.

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