No, you’re not seeing double after that beer. Twins are a fascinating phenomenon, and have been the subject of wonder and mythmaking for centuries. Many speculate about them having a telepathic bond, their own secret language or that all twins are left-handed.

The chances of having twins are not very likely, with only 1 in every 250 natural pregnancies resulting in twins, according to The Tech Interactive. Of those, the chances of having identical twins are even slimmer: only 3 to 4 per every 1000 births.

Yet, the Rainbow Nation seems to have no shortage of twins if the latest social media challenge is anything to go by. Local Facebook group #I’mStaying has asked people to post pictures of themselves or others they know that are twins, and the response has been exceptional. It looks like having or being twins really does mean double the joy.

Some shared the humour of raising, being or knowing twins: “Even though I spend my days shouting ‘no’ and ‘stop it’…lol…I cannot imagine life without my boys by my side,” one parent posted.

“My crazy cousins. I still can’t figure out who’s who!” another added.

Others shared personal tragedies and heartfelt stories of losing loved ones: “Lost my twin 7 years ago, still miss him. He was my best friend. The other set of twins is our cousins. I love them to bits. One of their sons was born this year on my birthday!”

To take a look at the beautiful families by searching #twinchallenge on Facebook or join the #I’mStaying group.

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