The South African accent recently made it onto a list of the sexiest accents in the world, and one of SA’s most successful comedians had a few things to say about it.

Many were surprised by the recent ranking given to the South African accent on the Big 7 Travel poll that placed it second in the world out of 7 000 global accents.

Coming in at first place was the New Zealand accent that was described as “outrageously charming”, although wildly popular host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah had a bit of a different opinion.

“I appreciate South Africa being on that list, but I think that list is all wrong. I’m not going to lie. First of all, I love New Zealand, great country, wonderful people, but the accent is not sexy. No one is listening to a New Zealand accent and getting turned on,” said Noah.

The SA comedian went on to demonstrate a number of accents from Kiwi to Afrikaans and and even the “[Nelson] Mandela accent”, which makes for a very entertaining review of the list.

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Picture: Facebook/The Daily Show

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