After 5 consecutive days of work, Friday signals hope. Hope to get some rest. Hope to catch up with friends. Hope to get those chores done. Alas, it is here and you may find yourself surrounded with the same type of Friday people, do you know any of these?


1. The Wooohooo Girl/Guy


The weekend cheerleader, filled with perpetual happiness and excitement of things to come.

Never without a list of fun weekend to-dos, and usually still young enough to be untainted by working too hard to miss out on a second of weekend fun.


2. The Zombie


After a long week of work the only thing “The Zombie” is thinking about is their bed.

Fueled by fits of sleepy frustration and incoherent moments of dozing off to dream about being at home in a tangle of comfy blankets.


3. The Parent 


Secretly staying a few extra hours at work so as not to have to go home to the chaos that is their life.

For “The Parent” weekends are blurred hours of demands for sweet things, running kids around to playdates and parties… and struggled attempts to make their children tired so they can relax.


4. Mr or Mrs No Plans 


Nowhere to be and nothing to do, ”Mr or Mrs No Plans” is most at home away from home, casually hoping someone asks them to do something this weekend.

Usually ending up spending their weekend doing extra work to catch up and watching movies they’ve seen already a few times.


5. The Weekend Binger


No matter the length of the series, or how many bowls of microwave popcorn it takes, “The Weekend Binger” is going to watch it all.

Spending their weekend curled up in front of the TV or laptop watching, watching and watching while eating, eating and eating.


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