These days, you’re not ready to leave the house without your trusty face mask. Across the globe, wearing a face mask in public has become the new normal.

Many designers have taken to this new need and created truly unique and sinus friendly masks that make a statement. Here are a few of our favourites.

Getting tongues wagging:

Credit: Instagram / Ýrúrarí

The scream:

Credit: Instagram / eliska.slov

The Terminator:

Credit: Instagram / Arnold Schwarzenneger

Furry friends:

Credit:Instagram / alexeiandreev33

Mother of Dragons:

Credit: Instagram / sophiecochevelou

Twinkle, twinkle:

Credit: Instagram / voravaj_official

Golden Girl:

Credit: Instagram / tinkalife

Give Good Face:

Credit: Instagram / brightinspireddentistry

Flower Power:

Credit: Instagram / andraateodoru

What a doll:

Credit: Instagram / sophiecochevelou

Picture: Instagram / andraateodoru

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