A new year is 365 chances to change the way you looked at life the year before, do things differently or even the same but mostly its a chance for all those people who are going to be the newest version of themselves to entertain others.

If you didn’t already know here are a few things to expect from the next few days of 2019:

1. New Year, New Me


Prepare to hear the “new year, new me” people using their new identities as an excuse for all the things that don’t make sense in life, whether its hairstyles or their outfit.

Be ready to invite someone to something you know they love only to get the, “that was the old me, the new me doesn’t do that anymore.”

Luckily this change of person only lasts for a few days into the new year and next thing you know, new me is old me and their personality traits are back in full force.


2. The Health Bunnies


They flock to the gym, they eat only salads but talk about junk food all the time – it’s the health bunnies, hopping on the health train.

Convinced that this year is the year they go to the gym at least three times a week and eat half the portions with twice the lettuce.

Give your health bunny a month and they’ll be hopping back onto the doughnut diet.


3. The Resolution Junkies


There are always those friends who make a hundred New Year’s resolutions a second and then change them the next minute.

Work less, work more, start running, get up earlier, stop drinking fizzy drinks, say yes more, finally tell Sharon how you feel, the list goes on and on.

Chances are above 90% of all resolution never make it past January so bear with them for a little while.


4. The Realists


Entering the new year with the same amount of enthusiasm as a clogged vacuum cleaner making that strange strangled suction sound.

Realists are there to tell you that a new year is just a social construct and its literally just another day with a bunch of other days after it.

They expect nothing, make no resolutions and, 10 out of 10 times, close their curtains when fireworks start to light up the sky.


5. The 2019 Enthusiasts 


2019 is their oyster, a year of promise, a year of hope, a year of doing everything they didn’t get to do in 2018 and regretting nothing.

Truth is, we all want to be an enthusiast but most fall short after the year drags and you paid for a year’s gym membership but went twice.

After a year of ups and downs and what might have mostly down for some, it’s hard to keep your enthusiasm but some just push through and arrive on the other side dancing.

No matter what 2018 was for you or what category (whether mentioned or unmentioned) you fall into, a year is what you make it and you get to choose your path; just be prepared to scribble out the 8 at the end of every date you have to write for the next three months.

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