After months of waiting, Whatsapp has finally rolled out dark mode, but users are not happy. Dark mode is supposed to save battery life as well as minimise eye strain. While this popular communication application, owned by Facebook, has some 300 million users worldwide, many took to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the new version.

A German product marketing expert, Fabian Nappenbach, tweeted:  ‘Years in the making, the dark mode of WhatsApp is bad in so many details. ‘Try it with any of the provided wallpapers. No, find any wallpaper that does not look stupid with those colours. And ofc there is no real black option. Is it so hard just to copy Telegram?’

Others say it’s not quite dark enough:

However, the internet seems divided as other users say that the new mode lights up their life:

Whether you think the app’s new mode was a bright idea or feel that its rather unenlightened, it’s still in it’s beta version, meaning users could still see some changes and improvements before the official update is rolled out.

Picture: Pexels


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Anita Froneman