Ladies, the bidding has opened for you to get up close and personal with SA’s number one bachelor Marc Buckner. He is best known for his work in Health and Fitness and on hit the TV series The Bachelor SA on Mnet.

Brought to you by DARG (Domestic animal rights group) and hosted by Aspire Art Auctions, you can now bid for a date with Marc Buckner at the award winning, Japan-infused FYN restaurant.

Bidding will take place on the Paws up for DARG online auction and will remain open until 6pm on May 5 on the Aspire Art Auction’s platform.

The lucky winner will not only enjoy a date with SA’s number one bachelor, but also be treated to the delightful dishes FYN restaurant has to offer along with a wine pairing.

BIDDING IS NOW OPEN!!! Hosted by Aspire Art Auctions.Bid for a date with Marc Buckner: Health and Fitness (SA's…

Gepostet von DARG am Dienstag, 28. April 2020

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If winning a date with Marc Buckner isn’t something that interests you, DARG have also opened up the bidding for amazing art by renowned artists including Jody Paulsen, Jenny Nijenhuis, and Dale Lawrence, just to name a few. Bidding for pieces of art are taking place on Aspire Art Auctions and will be open until 6pm on May 5.

START BIDDING!!!! Our online auction is NOW LIVE! Paws up for DARG!Amazing art by renowned artists and a variety of…

Gepostet von DARG am Samstag, 25. April 2020

To bid on your very own piece of art, click here.

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