Remember the days when hours of partying, sticky floors and junk food was your bread and butter? Now the party has been replaced by extended hours of unnecessary sleep, the floor is sticky because either your child or dog messed something on it, that you are too demotivated to clean it up, junk food gives you heartburn and you’re trying not to eat bread or butter.

If you didn’t already know these changes are due to your increasing age. If you’re still not sure here are the tell-tale signs that you are getting old.

Fridays are for sleeping


Whether its on the bus to work, at your desk or first thing when you get home, Fridays are for sleeping. Gone are the days of heavy partying, shots and dancing. When the end of the week comes, the only thing on your mind is just how much sleep you are going to get in, and if friends are looking to make plans, you have already made plans with your bed and pillow. You find yourself asking if 7pm is too early to go to bed way more times than you ever have before.


Comfy clothes are king


You find yourself in the pajamas or leisure wear section of stores way more often than you’d like to admit. Your homeware clothing selection is vast and ever increasing. Baggy shirts, loose pants and comfy hoodies or jerseys are your go-to choice of attire. The lines between acceptable going out clothes and straight up pajamas are slowly but surely becoming more and more blurred.


Going out regrets 


So you finally force yourself to go out and try and do fun things. You immediately regret your decision and have to find a way to sneak out without that friend who is always saying, “You never come out anymore” noticing you. You miss home right after leaving it and can’t stop thinking about your comfy bed or welcoming couch.


Animals are better than humans


Humans are okay but your cat or dog is your reason for living. You find yourself drawn to spending time with your precious pet more and more, even other peoples pets at parties (you reluctantly go to) are the highlight of the evening. You buy more things to treat your pets than you do to treat yourself, even when it doesn’t make sense.


Buying homeware excites you


Nothing compares to a brand new pan, pot, set of glasses, carpet or curtains. Homeware stores that you didn’t so much as set foot in before are now the places you have to stay away from if you haven’t gotten paid yet and are trying to avoid buying that gorgeous set of coasters with money you don’t have. There’s no greater feeling than buying a new addition to your home collection.


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