Former President of South Africa Jacob Zuma has finally joined popular social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, because he hears “many people are talking about [him]”.

Zuma’s first tweet is a video of himself saying: “Hello, everyone. I have decided to move with times to join this important area of conversation because I hear that many people are talking about me. I felt it is necessary that I should join in and be part of the conversation.”

On Thursday Zuma was ordered to foot his own legal bill and pay back the state funds he used to fight all his civil and criminal cases in the past 10 years. The judgment was handed down in Pretoria and holds him liable to pay legal fees to the value of R15- to R32-million.

Twitter users are questioning whether he joined social media to start a go-fund-me campaign to help him pay off his legal fees.

This what locals had to say to him…








Picture: Twitter

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Lucinda Dordley

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