Everard Read have released their upcoming listings for the first few months of 2020. See the January to April listings below and be sure to check them out at the gallery! Included in the list of exciting things coming up is a solo by Blessing Ngobeni, who won the Standard Bank Young Artist award for 2020.

January 13 – 25 

Cubicle | Cow Mash, Mandy Johnston, Andrew Kayser, Skubalisto, Nobukho Nqaba

The Cubicle Series is an ongoing platform at CIRCA Cape Town, giving artists scope to exhibit smaller bodies of work and site specific installations for a two-week period.

Walk-about – January 25 at 10:30

January 30 – February 22 

Nic Bladen | Proteaceae

South African artist Nic Bladen is known for his extraordinary botanical sculptures, which demonstrate the technique he pioneered of casting entire plants in bronze and sterling silver. His way of preserving/fossilizing plants and flowers uses the lost wax casting method and involves creating moulds from organic material, transforming these into unique sculptures of entire plants. His latest solo exhibition showcases the Protea – South Africa’s national flower.

An introduction will be given by Rupert Koopman, Conservation Manager for the Botanical Society of South Africa, at the opening on Thursday 30th from 18:30.

February 6 – 29 

Dylan Lewis | Un-earth

Most recently, Lewis has continued his exploration of the untamed in a series of sculpture ‘sketches’ in bronze.

Emotions originally projected onto landscape and animal forms have become increasingly integrated into the artist’s psyche. Masks, wings, claws and horns are gone, and his isolated shamanic figures have transitioned into figure groupings, both masculine and feminine. In some there is an intimate stillness, in others a wild eroticism, and others depict grief and power struggles. Their nakedness expresses raw, unrestrained emotion.

March 04 – 25

Blessing Ngobeni | Replica Ever Sang

Winner the of 2020 Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Visual Arts, Ngobeni is a fine artist who strives to simultaneously uplift others while challenging the status quo through his art. Using painting, sculpture, video, audio installations and live performance, Ngobeni speaks truth to power, continually highlighting and questioning corrupted systems of power in South Africa. Ngobeni also mentors and provides support for young artists.

March 04 – 25 

Andrzej Urbanski

Born in Poland, Andrzej Urbanski is an established Cape Town-based artist prized for his immaculate hard-edged abstract art. The clean, precise forms defining it belie its relationship to memory, sensory and spatial encounters, emotions and psychic states, which are channelled most often into overlapping colourful geometric shapes, implying resolution. Urbanski authentically manages to playfully negotiate perfect applications and concrete designs with a focused ability that denotes fresh and pertinent abstract experimentation.

April 01  – 26

Faith XLVII | Chant

Faith XLVII is an internationally-acclaimed visual artist from South Africa who has been applauded for her ability to resonate with people around the world. Through her work, Faith XLVII attempts to disarm the strategies of global realpolitik, in order to advance the expression of personal truth. In this way, her work is both an internal and spiritual release that speaks to the complexities of the human condition, its deviant histories and existential search.

April 08 – 30 

Angus Taylor

Known for his powerful, often monumental, sculptural works, Taylor works with an extraordinary range of materials from his immediate environment – Belfast granite, red jasper and the orange soil found near Pretoria, where his studio is based. Even when he chooses traditional materials such as granite or bronze, he deploys innovative techniques; imprinting texts into the bronze surfaces or eschewing the ‘carvability’ of granite in favour of its block-like potential to construct works that allude to human form, without describing it.

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Date: January 13
Time: 12:00 am - 11:59 pm
Cost: R0


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