Hong Kong has its first dedicated biltong bar, thanks to three professional athletes who collectively made it come to life and named it Chief’s Blend.

According to Good Things Guy, Chief’s Blend is a collaboration between Biltong Chief (owned by Matt Rosalie and Dylan Rogers) and Blend & Grind (owned by Johny Rees).

The trio call it an upmarket South African farm-style cafe and deli.

Rosslee, Rogers and Rees joined forces while playing rugby at different stages of their careers. After many years of working together on the field, the three decided to come up with what has now become Hong Kong’s hottest new cafe.

“Rosslee and Rogers grew up in South Africa and met while playing rugby at the University of Cape Town. Rees, who is originally from England, met them on the pitch playing for the Hong Kong national 15s squad, and the three have been good friends ever since,” the report says.

Chief’s Blend has the first and only dedicated biltong bar in Hong Kong, bringing a uniquely South African experience and atmosphere to the city. And the locals are loving it!

“It has the first, and only dedicated biltong bar in Hong Kong, giving you a unique South African experience and atmosphere,” the cafe’s website states.

The cafe also offers farm-style delicacies, specialty coffee, craft beer, small-batch South African wines and delicious grab-and-go hot foods, making this a unique Hong Kong offering.

Picture: Chief’s Blend

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