Darling’s famous Voorkamerfest concept comes to Muizenberg Village on April 12 and 13 2019. The technicolour people of the village will showcase this unique vibe by opening their doors and welcoming you into their homes. Organisers are bringing Darling’s famous Voorkamerfest concept beyond the Lentil Curtain, into the South Peninsula.

Guests will be treated to a two night festival with live music, spoken word poetry, comedy, and dance. Accompanied by delectable food, wine from Durbanville Hills Wine, and craft beer and gin and tonic from Noon Gun Brewery, this event is not to be missed.

June Homan, former Darling local, multiple Voorkamerfees host and now proud owner of Joon restaurant in Muizenberg Village, is the driving force behind Village Vibes 2019.

Like Voorkamerfees, festival-goers will only know the line-up for the Before and After Party, but they won’t know who or what they’ll be seeing in the private homes until they get there. The event, however, has dropped a few clues at www.muizenbergvillagevibes.co.za. 

Each evening hosts a maximum of 75 people, meaning tickets are limited. They are available for purchase at Quicket for R250 per person, per night. Tickets include five events featuring eight live acts, a glass of Durbanville Hills Wine on arrival, and Gin and tonic and craft beer tasting by Noon Gun Brewery. Joon will be catering the Before and After Party. Pre-ordering is recommended.

The programme is (almost) the same for both nights, so only book for both nights if you want to double up. No kids under the age of 10. Kids over the age of 10 are welcome but they will have to forfeit the complimentary alcohol. They will receive a welcome non-alcoholic beverage on arrival as a substitute. 


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Date: March 25
Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Cost: R250
Website: https://melany57.wixsite.com/villagevibes


40 Palmer Road Muizenberg Cape Town
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa
Phone: 083 336 8305
Website: www.muizenbergvillagevibes.co.za
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