The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards closes on June 30, which leaves you with one month to submit your goofy animal pictures. The international competition is open to all, read the competition details before entering. In essence it is pictures of goofy animals caught on camera – which proves some animals are just like us humans – we are not composed all the time.

There are great prizes too, a trophy to call yourself a ‘Comedy Wildlife Photographer’ and a holiday in Kenya. The entries for the awards’ 2018 competition are streaming in. Here are some real goodies from this year and last:


Daniel L. Friend/Comedy Wildlife Club/Barcroft


Amy Kennedy/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards/Barcroft


Geert Weggen/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards/Barcroft


Here are a few entries from last year’s competition. They may even make laugh more than this year’s:








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Lucinda Dordley

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