Explaining the nationwide lockdown to the little ones can be somewhat of a feat for parents. Luckily for those struggling to put the situation into words, writer and illustrator Matthew Griffiths has created the perfect tool.

Titled, ‘The Inside Book’, Griffiths’ children’s book aims to explain the lockdown and the coronavirus situation at large in terms that are easily understood by children. While the book is easy to take in, it is also educational and aids parents in keeping children busy during lockdown.

“As a content creator there’s been almost no usual work right now, so I was wondering what I can do to contribute at this time. I realised that there were plenty of resources being created for adults but very little to help children understand what was going on. My partner works in Public Health and was my resource for the COVID-19 information. I also tried to address issues children might be facing that aren’t related to the virus directly, but more around being stuck at home and adjusting to that,” says Griffiths.

An illustration from The Inside Book.

Griffith also illustrated all the colourful and cheerful images that accompany the books useful information.

Topics from how the virus is transmitted to what social distancing is and more are covered in the book’s pages. Griffith is hoping his work can make a difference during these tough times.

“I’m hoping that children (and their parents) will find The Inside Book useful in explaining and understanding the lockdown and the COVID-19 virus. Books are very valuable in childhood development, especially in developing reading, understanding and imaginative play. I made it freely available to try reach those who might not have books to read, or who may be struggling to explain things during this time. I’m hoping the translations will further the books reach and help more children understand and get involved in preventing the spread of the virus,” adds Griffiths.

He is currently working on a Xhosa version of the book.

Another beautiful illustration from Griffiths’ book.

With the lockdown being extended by an additional two weeks, there’s no better time than now to get the little ones reading and make sure they know what’s going on around them.

The book is free to download at www.mattcgriffiths.com in PDF and ePub form.

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