Just the thought of early mornings is enough to make many people cringe. Does your morning routine consist of hitting the snooze button four times and walking out the door five minutes late for work?

If this is the case, your entire day may be in ruined as you try to rush and catch up on things, and you may not feel very productive by the time you enter the office. All you need is a simple yet effective routine.

According to the Harvard Business Review, early risers are on their way to the top. Studies found that “people whose performance peaks in the morning are better positioned for career success, because they’re more proactive than people who are at their best in the evening.”

Leigh-Ann Londt gives you a few tips for a better and healthier morning routine leaving you feeling great and ready for another busy day.

Make your bed 

This sounds silly, but it’s true. This one simple act will get you off to a good start. It simultaneously signals to your brain that you are done sleeping, and also makes you feel organised form the get-go.

Drink water

I can hear you sighing “yes, mom…” silently whilst deciding against drinking any water at all. Seriously, try it. Fresh water on an empty stomach revitalises you and gets your whole body in the right gear for the day. After that first glass, feel free to pick your poison in terms of coffee, tea or juice.

Take a cold shower

Admittedly, we’d only recommend this in the scorching summer months. But no one can deny that a refreshing cold burst of water is a sure-fire way to wake you up. Plus, it saves electricity!

Play your favourite music

Music sets the mood. If you want to get yourself out of the house feeling on top of your game, turn up the volume. Don’t be afraid to throw in some dance moves too!

Set daily goals 

Once you’re awake and refreshed, take a few minutes to gather your thoughts and write down some goals. Think of what yu want to achieve that day, even it’s small things like not complaining once. When you crawl into bed that night, tick off the ones you’ve accomplished.

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