The Two Oceans Aquarium has welcomed a new addition to its family, a beautiful new honeycomb stingray. She is extremely unique with her incredible patterns and over two metre long tail. The new addition is part of the Dasyatidae family, a group which cartilaginous fish are known collectively as “whiptail sting rays”, because of the venomous barbs run their tails. The honeycomb stingray is known by various names, in the US it is called a reticulate whipray and in Australia it is called a leopard stingray.

What makes the honeycomb stingray incredibly unique is its thin long tail. There are electrical sensors in the long tail which allows it to sense approaching predators like dolphins and sharks. It is a predator but does not pose a huge threat to humans.

The I&J Ocean Exhibit is the Aquarium’s ultimate under the sea adventure and features a full 10-metre long tunnel and a 9 metre-wide, 4 metres-high window onto a variety of subtropical species.



Picture:  Devon Bowen/Two Oceans Aquarium.

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